How to REALLY be Rich & Happy | Interview with John P. Strelecky and Tim Brownson

One of the most influential books I’ve read in a while has been How to be Rich & Happy by John P. Strelecky and Tim Brownson. At first I judged this book by it’s cover and thought “what kind of title is how to be rich and happy”… but after a few pages I was a fan and when the book was finished I could easily say it had rocked my world. The promise of how to be rich and happy is truly fulfilled by the amazing information within the book, it’ll inspire, invigorate and catapult you into a more successful life.

John, a best selling author, and Tim, a life coach and thought leader, were both kind enough to come on with me and share their thoughts on how as an entrepreneur we can live rich and happy lives too.

Download Tim Brownson Interview

Also, after the interview Tim graciously offered me some life coaching and though I was hesitant it really rocked 🙂  Find Tim at his blog A Daring Adventure and feel free to send him an email to see if life coaching could be right for you!