How to Never Get a Real Job with Scott Gerber (Interview)

Want to get insanely pumped up to start your own business or turn your current start up into a profitable, job quitting project? Then listen to this interview with Scott Gerber, a young serial entrepreneur and author of the new book Never Get a Real Job – if this doesn’t get your blood boiling and your butt moving to go start a business that’ll change your life I don’t know what will!

Scott has a talent when it comes to invigorating people towards entrepreneurship, but he mixes that with a harsh reality that you may not always be able to ‘follow your passion’ when it comes to starting a profitable business. His advice goes counter to the “fluffy” make money easy crap you’ll hear online and you gotta love him for it. Check out Scott’s interview and come away with the cold hard facts on how to start a real business so you never have a real job again.

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Want more? Check out Scott’s book Never Get a Real Job – something I read, loved and recommend to others!