How to Get a Killer Logo – a BrandStack Review

As I prepare to leave tomorrow for beautiful Silicon Valley and for my first session at the Founder Institute I’ve been in a hurry to get my social outsourcing site Zirtual up and looking good. The biggest problem I had was finding a logo and URL that had the potential to become a million dollar brand, thankfully after days of searching I found a resource I think every entrepreneur needs to know about – especially if you are about to rebrand.

First let me show you the old logo and the old domain: < Granted it has the keyword in there, but it’s 3 words and boring. Also I wasn’t a huge fan of the logo, it just screamed 2005 to me.

Now here is the new domain and BEAUTIFUL logo I got done on BrandStack: was a gift from the heavens as a one word URL like that would normally cost thousands, instead I paid $7.99. What had happened was while I was searching for URLs for the job board the owner of Zirtual for the past several years had let his CC expire – meaning the site which had been held for a while went up on the open market & at 5 minutes past midnight and grabbed that puppy up.

The BrandStack difference:

I’ve had logos designed in four different places and BrandStack has won in design savvy, competence and designer communication hands down. My previous logos were done on 99designs, LogoTournament and Elance… none of these logos looked very good and I found out later were done by a program, not by hand.

BrandStack proved different in several ways, firstly their designers are all serious designers who abide in a community full of experts that will call out poor quality logos if they see them. Secondly, BrandStack not only offers an amazing array of pre-made logos but you can buy the URL with the logo many times. Meaning you are buying a business name, logo (brand identity) and URL in one fell swoop. Take a look below at some of the amazing brand identities and URL packaged together on BrandStack.

Domain included by Veep

Domain included by HP

Domain included by Karloidd

Domain not included by tinix1

If I had known about BrandStack earlier it would have made sooo many of my online ventures easier. Just think of it, instead of spending a week coming up with a name, finding a URL and then going through the process of getting a logo designed – I could have just focused on the project at hand and picked an all inclusive package of logo, URL and business name.

But let’s say you currently have a domain and a brand name, your logo just sucks. What can you do then? Well it’s simple, most of the designers and logos on the site will customize their logo for your needs. Just find a design and color scheme you like and then give them the name you want in it, that’s what happened with my logo.

Outsource your logo, but outsource it the right way

Using BrandStack is outsourcing, but it’s safer since you are dealing with your brand identity. Now I like getting stuff done for $20 as much as the next guy, but I would never get a logo designed on say Fiverr or even most job boards. The reason is there are just too many variables, when you are having your logo made you are investing in the crown jewels of your company – the branding lighthouse that will guide your business through thick and thin. Don’t skimp!!

Using BrandStack will run you a few hundred bucks but it’s so well worth it. When I ordered my logo from Veep I had it in my hands two days later and it looked identical to what I had imagined in my head, that’s right – no revisions – it was that good from try one! This allowed me to focus my energies other places and ultimately is what has jazzed me up about Zirtual so much. Every time things get tough I look at the logo I love so much and think this really is a million dollar business.