How to Build a Business Empire | An Interview with Brian Sher

I developed a serious entrepreneurial crush* on Brian Sher, while reading his book What Rich People Know & Desperately Want to Keep Secret. When I was first given this book I kind of blew it off because the title to me seemed over the top, then I did a little bit of research on Brain and realized he was the real deal.

Brian got out of college & started consulting for thousands of bucks a pop  because he was confident enough to put an ad in the paper, even with no experience. He turned an upstart business into a multimillion dollar enterprise, he has written several books and has been involved with a bevvy of successful business ventures. When I started reading his book, I could put it down – in a 6 hour period I had finished the whole thing and was eager for more.

This interview is a true jewel, Brian opens up and talks about strategies and steps to take you from zero to 60. His style and wit is entertaining and his business savvy is unrivaled. If you take one step towards building the business of your dreams this week, make it listening to this interview – it will rock your world.

Download Brian-Sher-Interview.mp3

If you want to learn more about Brian check out his website here or pick up one of his amazing books on Amazon.

Brian also included a link to get one of his book The 60 Minute Millionaire for free here!

*Entrepreneurial crush: when an up and coming E falls head over heels in love with the way a Super E runs their business

**E: Entrepreneur…. I am hoping none of you needed that explained 😉