How to Jump 90,521 Places in Alexa in 10 Days

Wow, so I just noticed something radical while I was contemplating my naval messing around on instead of getting work done. My site (you know, the thing you are reading) has jumped 90,521 places in Alexa in 10 days AND I went from having 8 other sites linking in to having 78!!

This is a major accomplishment for me! Less than ten days ago I wrote this post tracking your blog’s success on Alexa where I bemoaned my paltry Alexa rating and swore to you all come hell or high water I would increase my traffic to this site in the next year by lots. Well, heck, I guess it’s working! Now you may be thinking Maren, I don’t care about your stupid site’s ranking, all I care about is MY stupid site’s ranking – understandable. So let me keep your interest a few moments longer, in this post I am going to tell YOU how YOU can attract LOTS of sites to link in to your site in no time fast!

Drum roll please… it is called the ‘free gift’ a concept I got from Seth Godin’s amazing book Free Prize Inside.

So about a month ago I set my goals on producing something that had lots of value and was free for anyone to see that I’d host on this blog… my thoughts were that if it was really awesome, or even just really long or something, people would put a good amount of ‘value’ on it and link back to it from their blogs. Surprisingly, I was right (that never happens trust me) and 70 people linked back from their sites after I launched Start Up School. S.U.S. is a 9 part course me and my assistant put together over a month’s time that helps anyone start up a business be it online or off.

I think this massive free offering attracted a lot of link backs (I guess it would be called link bait).

Making Link Bait

To make link bait you have to put out content that is REALLY really worth something to a few someones.

If you are a therapist doing a therapy business maybe a free eBook on how to overcome childhood issues. If you are a car mechanic, maybe a portion of your site called the “Do It Yourself Mechanic’s Guide” where you outline 25 typical car problems and how to fix them yourself. This generates great reciprocity as well as lot of link love back to your site.

Creating Value

Another thing that giving away something valuable for free on your site does is create a loyal following of readers. Because if I know a blogger I read always puts out good, valuable stuff for free I will check their site more often and probably sign up for their RSS feed. I just don’t want to miss free goodies that specifically relate to me.

Highlighting Your Achievements

This may seem self promoting and it is. But as a blogger, business person, small business owner or entrepreneur you have GOT to be self promoting. Because if you don’t self promote who the heck will? Today I was in a meeting where I quoted my prices for each service they wanted and got the dreaded “that just seems pricey” reaction. This while I sat in a multimillion dollar building they owned in expensive leather aerodynamic chairs. So instead of crumbling like I used to and saying “Well maybe I could just… uh… take it down a bit” I responded “the price may seem high but you get what you pay for with Oracle Launch and we always deliver A+ results”.

Self Promote

When I get a big check I usually put it up on my blog & explain in detail how I landed the deal, I just had a client who signed a website redesign contract for $9,999 bucks a week ago. It was an AWESOME and scary feeling, but cashing in that down payment check was worth all the pain!

I say this to say that a lot of people online are full of crap, they can be because there is no way to monitor truthfulness. Some bloggers like Glen of and Pat of are not… they are heroes to me and I appreciate their candor. Be like them, not like the cheesy “I made $1,000,000 online in 5 months” people. Be sure to add value to your readers lives, add content that they can benefit off of for free and showcase how you are actually DOING all the things you preach.