Blogging your way to success in 5 easy steps

This is a guest post from Onibalusi Bamidele a young entrepreneur who wanted to share some of his blogging tips with you… my lovely reader(ship?)… let me know your thoughts on whether or not should have guest posts or not, I know there is a lot of controversy about it and I’d love to hear your take so email me at marenkate(at)oraclelaunch(dot)com and let your voice be heard!

Blogging can be used to achieve a lot of things; it could be in the monetary form, mental form, personal form, building relationships and self satisfaction. Achieving blogging success might not be that easy but taking the right steps will go a long way to help you achieve your dreams.

1. Passion

Passion is very important to achieving success in your blogging career. You can “hardly” build a successful blog without passion; you have to have passion for your blog. Your passion is a driving force towards what you do. Your passion towards your blog will absolutely distinguish you, both with the blog posts you write and the steps you take to promote your blog.

Blogging sometimes feels discouraging when you have low traffic and when everything doesn’t feel to be well, it is your passion for your blog that will make you continue. You might have an intention of making money from your blog after some days (or weeks/months) but after blogging for quite sometimes, you will discover that it is not that easy to make money blogging, the journey might not seem OK but your passion will help you move ahead, your passion will help you keep blogging as if you have no other thing to do. Passion is very important to build a successful blog.

2. Action

You’re a blogger, a potentially successful blogger. Action is one of the major factors that distinguish a “blogging success” from a “blogging failure”. You might read lots of posts and ebooks on getting traffic to your blog, you might enroll in one of the best membership websites, you might even take yourself a personal coach but without taking action you can’t go anywhere. Do you just read and ignore? You read a post on how to get traffic to your website on this blog, you got an ebook on how to do it but you still did not take any action.

How do you expect to have success without taking action? The more action you take, the more success you achieve because taking action in the wrong way helps you know it is the wrong way thereby preventing you from doing it again. You don’t just have to read but also implement. After reading this post, will you just make the same comment (“nice post”) or you will immediately swing into action? Once again, without taking action, you are going nowhere.

3. Persistence

You have passion! You took action! But it seems you are not getting results. Every successful blogger faces the same problem. You just don’t have to quit yet, your future is far brighter than this, why don’t you keep trying? You have to be persistent, you just don’t have to quit. Everything has ups and down, but how you handle it will determine the end result.

If you just started blogging and money came overnight you will not enjoy the journey as it is supposed to be but imagine having labored and worked for “6” solid months before achieving results, you will have a better song to sing than just achieving it overnight. Also, don’t feel like it will never be better again or it is not possible to make money online, you just have to keep trying  and the end result will be great.

4. Dedication

Yeah! You are the “master pro”, we are humans, but you are a “robot” a robot that can successfully handle 10 websites at a time while expecting great results (an exception is the case of outsourcing), this is not possible, first have success with one, then move to the other, by the time you have built several successful blogs you will know what you have to do and what you don’t have to do thereby making the blog managing process more simple. You have to dedicate your time towards your blog, it is good to have multiple websites but don’t do more than you can handle. All I am trying to say is succeed with one before moving to another.

5. Value

This is the “Golden bullet”, I mean the main key. You have to give value on your blog in order to justify reasons for people visiting your blog. You might have lots of marketing tactics that can be used to generate traffic to your blog but without providing “real value”, the end result will not be pleasant. Let your content separate you from the others, let your readers be able to “vouch” for your content. Let people always feel uncomfortable when they miss your content, you have to give value. Let your main aim (your major goal) be to impact lives, to produce remarkable content, and the end result will be great.  The above are 5 great tips on achieving blogging success, it is also important to know that success don’t come overnight so you have to keep trying until you get results.

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