0 to 50,000 a Blogger’s Success Case Study

Today I am doing a case study on a blogger who is really killing it, he has gotten to a 43,871 Alexa rank within the whole globe (13,315 in the US) and is putting out an astonishing two to three articles a day. This is a step by step guide of how blogging can truly help you escape the 9 to 5 and build a business around what you love. Here are some more stats on James from theinfopreneneur.net:

  • Hit an Alexa Rank of 50,000 in 3 months starting from nothing
  • Over 4,500 comments left on 220 postsĀ  published in 3 months
  • Averaging 4,000 page views a day
  • Guest posts featured on ExtremeJohn and DavidRisley and featured by BloggerIllustrated
  • To cap it all off he works a 60hr full time job and have a young family and with no education and an IQ of 94

So I sent over some questions to James i.e. ‘The Infopreneur’ and he responded with a video post to help answer some questions about his amazing success in the blogosphere and how others can do the same.

Hopefully this helps encourage others that within 3 months you can easily be killing it on your own blog, all it takes is a LOT of hard work. But as James can tell you, the work is worth it. James ultimately has plans of Escaping the 9 to 5 forever and this blog has paved the way for him to do so by building a loyal audience.