Viral Marketing: The Pickle that has 91,944 Facebook Fans

Yes, its true… there is a Pickle on Facebook that has almost 92k fans. What is the point behind this popular pickle? Well its someone who really doesn’t like Nickleback (totally understandable by the way) and it shows the incredible power of viral marketing.

So what does this pickle mean to you, an entrepreneur trying to get traction and become extraordinary in our world that worships the 9 to 5 and security. Firstly, it tells you ANYONE (or pickled veggie) can do ANYTHING. All you need is an idea, a passion (i.e. hatred of Nickleback) and the creativity to think WAY outside of the box.

This is going to be a short post because instead of spending another few minutes reading I want all of you to really brainstorm what wacky, crazy or ridiculous idea you have that could possibly generate the kind of buzz this crazy pickle is causing. You know the guys (or gals) behind it are going to get interviewed on CNN or start their own website, maybe they’ll start an uber successful Youtube channel all about the pickle and its adventures in taking down Nickleback. Point is, if they can do this with a pickle you have NO excuse but to get off your bum and hustle your way to the top.

Entrepreneur tip of the day: Here is a place to find all the sources of free grants and government funding for small businesses or entrepreneurs.