The Radillac Returns: What do you think?

Last summer I talked at length about an idea I had to cover a Cadillac Escalade completely in small advertisements & drive it around for a year. I thought that I could get a free Escalade and all the advertisers could get some cheap publicity. Unfortunately I hadn’t really thought the idea through… since bumper sticker sized advertisements aren’t very readable as I whiz by you at 60 miles per hour. I also didn’t realize the amount of work that would go into finding 100 sponsors to cover that behemoth of a vehicle.

So for the last 6 months I let the idea slide…

Then quite recently I realized that I was leaving money on the table by not at least looking into the idea of getting a sponsor or two for my podcast & possibly the blog (nothing that would interrupt the reader, instead companies that I actually believe would help you with your entrepreneurial endeavors). So while I’m at it why not take another shot at the Radillac I thought, because in reality I’m the kind of person that gets an idea stuck in her mind and can’t shake it until I’ve pursued it to the fullest.

The Radillac sponsorship breakdown…

The new and improved offering of the Radillac will include the following:

  • One late model Cadillac Escalade
  • Wrapped for a year with the advertisement/logo of your choice… that is 7,000 pounds of prime time people!!
  • Yours truly as a brand evangelist and ambassador for your company while I drive my Radillac all over the western part of the USA and do a one month long cross country tour promoting my blog, podcast & of course your sponsorship on my handsomely wrapped Radillac
  • A sponsorship placement on the front page of Escaping the 9 to 5 which currently gets 15,000 readers a month as well as a page that explains the story behind the sponsors of the Radillac
  • Inclusion in countless Youtube videos and mentions in blog posts since I’ll be very proud of my Radillac and very grateful for your generous sponsorship
  • Mentions on my podcast and active social media networks on a monthly basis throughout the year

Where you come in…

I’m going to paying a 10% finders fee to anyone whose help, introductions, etc. leads to me finding a sponsor for the marvelous mobile billboard. I’ve decided that at the minimum to pay for the car, insurance and such it will be around $1500 a month and I’ll be taking bids with the highest bidder sponsoring the Radillac – unless it’s like Viagra, the companies got to be one I believe in and can stand behind without being, you know… picked up on by old men.

So if you work at a company, or know someone who knows someone all you have to do is make the intro that leads to the Radillac deal being sealed & you’ll get 10% of the whole enchilada (12 months of sponsorship money!) to help bootstrap your business or grow your start up (or buy 1,000 rubber chickens… I’m not here to judge). Just comment and let me know and I’ll get in touch with you, it’s that easy 🙂

Next matter of business….

I’m antsy today so I think I’m going to drive out to SF (san francisco, CA) this weekend & just explore (I’ve been there many times before but I want this trip to be different). I’m making no plans before hand and will rely on connecting with my “contacts” in the blog/entrepreneur space to meet up with and to hopefully introduce me to fellow like minds.

If you’re in SF or know someone who you want to throw me at (like a wild spider monkey) then let me know in either the comments or via twitter.

So… what do ya think?