Purposeful Disconnection

purposeful disconnectionToday I had to tap a grown man on the shoulder and ask him to more or less “move it or lose it” in line for the water fountain. When the gentleman in question queued up, with a line growing behind him, began texting furiously and whilst doing so completely forgot the world beyond his cell phone.

One reason I jump at any chance to get out of the country is because it’s an opportunity for purposeful disconnection. I refuse to buy an international plan and instead limit my device use to wifi hotspots. This means that driving around a new city, walking to get coffee, waiting for the subway—all take on new meaning. I get absorbed in the sights, smells and sounds—versus focusing in on whatever or whoever demands my intention through my phone.

Something magical happens after hours of purposeful disconnection: inspiration hits.

The nagging questions that have been plaguing me for days or weeks seem to work themselves out when left to their own devices, without any form of distraction to feed off of.

Ideas birthed from varied, often conflicting, sources seem to pull together—like a mental transformer.

My obsession with the end-of-life arena, and the Memento Mori Society, came from a 3 day cruise with no connectivity. And as I continue to give my mind time and space to wander free—more ideas and opportunities seem to pop out of the blue.

Try unplugging.

Dare yourself to spend an hour, purposefully disconnected.

See what amazing things your mind comes up to when left to it’s own devices.