Outsourcing 101 | Profitable Business Ideas that Work!!

Want to know the single best way I save tons on overhead, employee a team 2-3 sizes bigger than I could normally and do it all from the comfort of my macbook? One simple word: Outsourcing.

If you want a profitable business idea that not only works but kicks butts and takes name outsourcing is it. It is something that many look down on but done correctly outsourcing part or all of your employee force to other people and countries can be a business life saver. Outsourcing is the single biggest reason that I was able to build up a full fledged social media marketing business in less than 5 months and it has also helped me open two other entrepreneurial endeavors. I think that outsourcing, in any capacity, is one of the best ways to truly escape the 9 to 5 and start living your life instead of just working through it.

outsourcing the #1 profitable business idea ever
outsourcing the #1 profitable business idea ever

Instead of boring you with my views on while outsourcing isn’t “bad” but far from it… I’ll just tell you what my outsourced team of 4-5 people gets me done in any given week. Note to those who think outsourcing is ‘slave labor’ or immoral: I pay 2-3x the going wage in whichever country I outsource to, also I provide full time employment, continuing education and ample sick days. Its good to find an outsourcing ‘deal’ if it is a deal for both ends… i.e. if what you pay in pesos is a good deal for your employee and the translation into USD is a good deal for you. Its the beauty of currency exchange rates.

  1. My outsourced employees build websites for me, in record fast time and with a considerable amount of knowledge and skill.
  2. SEO… and I mean good SEO.
  3. Writing blog posts for certain sites where I am not the expert, instead I find someone who is and outsource it.
  4. Project management. I have a full time PM who is also fully outsourced, he lives in the Philippines and does an amazing job of managing all the pending projects for a variety of different businesses I’m involved with.
  5. Outsourcing learning. When I am totally confused on a topic like ‘meta tags’ I have one of my outsourced employees study it (usually they already know it) and send me a screenshot tutorial on the subject.
  6. Research for new projects.
  7. Graphic design.
  8. Creative ideas.
  9. Customer service.
  10. Management of social media accounts.

The best part is that I only use my outsourced team for a more specific niche of tasks, I know people that have their outsourced help get them tickets to Broadway shows and coordinate meetings with clients. I have yet to go that far… yet.

Even if your niche is something like Foreign Exchange, you can also find some tasks that you can outsource to your virtual workers like do some research about forex keywords or write content about it.

Either way outsourcing is amazingly easy, affordable and beneficial for both parties. If it isn’t don’t do it… ever. It has to be a good deal for both you and your employee. So far I have had no complaints and I adore my outsourced team, also as a way of engendering loyalty and because its just the right thing to do I have promised my outsourced help bonuses when we land really big clients and as profitability soars. This is a great way to really encourage someone to work hard and do their best, it also lets them know that your company is their company too.

Here are some outsourcing resources: