My Craziest Idea Yet p. 2 (All about the Caddy)

So a few weeks ago I did a blog post which has so far been most popular and commented on ever, it was called My Craziest Idea Yet also known as the Crazy Cadillac Plan. So far it has a grand total of 49 comments and a lot of great discussion was started there. I’ll sum up the plan for those of you who are crunched on time…

I want to prove to people that you can get anything you want with a little creativity and a lot of drive (ah ha, car joke!). Anyways, point is I got so many responses, emails and questions from people willing to participate in my little shindig I decided to pursue it further. My plan includes:

  • Essentially getting a Cadillac Escalade for free.
  • Covering said Escalade in bumper stickers and/or silk screen prints that can range from your company’s logo to a life size picture of someone’s face.
  • Getting between 70-100 “silver” participants whose ad is no bigger than a bumper sticker (about 200 bumper stickers would fit all over the Caddy from my measurements), getting a few “gold” sponsors who take out space on the windows, and then having one or two “platinum” sponsors to take up the whole back window and the roof.

The Price Point

Now for the one I want, which is used by the by (because NEVER buy any car new), it will be around $40,000 k after my trade in. It will be about a 08 and either in black or white (haven’t decided yet). The price point per month, over 5 or 6 years will be around $700-$750 depending on how much I put down a month. Now that is a WOW for most people and trust me I’d never pay that myself. But it is the PRINCIPLE people, the principle, that I am going to get something for ‘technically’ nothing because of strategic planning and a little hamming it up.

What You Would Get

A universal question for all salesman is “what is in it for me”, I am confident I’ll get asked that a bunch from the people who sign up to ‘sponsor’ my experiment. This is what they get for a year’s worth of advertising on my sticker-mobile:

  • A 3-5 minute Youtube video on my channel describing a little bit about you and/or your brand/business… culminating on the viewers watching me find a space and slap it on.
  • Depending on the level of sponsor a choice of desired location on the areas we have left.
  • A guarantee that I will drive a total of X miles in one years time, visit X number of States in the Union and drive X number of miles per month.
  • The ability to check where your mini-ad has been at any time via the GPS tracking system I’ll install on the car (delayed a day for safety’s sake) as well as the option to track the sticker-mobile via the various social networks I am active on.

I Need Your Help

This is where you come in, I need your help on two things…

  1. firstly what is the best price for a bumper sticker sized ad? I am debating between 7.00 a month price & 10 bucks a month
  2. I need between 70-100 bumper sticker (silver) sponsors to have the confidence to buy the car, once I get that number I will be sure to get some press and then the larger sponsors will come flooding in. What do you think the best way of ‘marketing’ this is?

Thanks loves!