My Craziest Idea Yet | (potentially) Profitable Business Ideas

Okay, so I was just sitting here, in Starbucks, listening to Yaro Starak’s free blog blueprint (it’s very good by the by, get it here & its free) and it hit me… I want a Cadillac Escalade. So I looked it up… for a 2007-2008 used one its around $44,000. Hmmm… Lets say I put a few grand down to get it to $40k and divide it over 60 months without interest payments or any other add ons. Now its $666.67 a month (Aah!). So maybe that in and of itself tells me its a bad idea,but I want regardless and yes I’ll try to find a hybrid.

Anyways I tell you this, to tell you this… So I was thinking $700 a month, that is ridiculous, I don’t want to pay that. Instead I need to find someone to pay it for me. Maybe many someones. No not a sugar daddy, I’m no trophy wife/girlfriend, I work my little butt off all day growing my business. Instead I got an idea from the guys at who wear brands & businesses’ shirts 365 days a year and get paid for it. Well why can’t I do that with the Caddy?!

So here is the plan… tell me if it sounds crazy but darn it I bet it could work. To afford a $700 a month car payment I need: 10 silkscreen ads at $70 bucks a pop or 100 bumper stickers at $7 bucks a pop! I could even make some money if I rent out the back window for a silk screen ad at a few hundred a month (which is pretty standard). Here is the thing, I drive A LOT, like a crazy amount. So I install GPS on my Caddy and have it link to a map at my site for this shindig… then my ‘renters’ can see where my big ole sticker filled Caddy is at all times and know that they are getting some serious press.

This is kind of similar to the crazy kid who put up a website and sold a pixel for a buck, when he was done he made $1,000,000 and was an overnight marketing sensation.

So what do you think? Should I do it? Obviously I would not buy the car until I had all the advertisers locked in for at least a year. But who wouldn’t spend $7 a month to get some extra publicity, I will even throw in some added ones like doing a youtube video on each bumper sticker that gets added to my car and the business behind it.

Please let me here your comments, unless your going to say “buy a more fuel efficient car…that isn’t such a tank” < for you I say, have you ever been in an accident? If you have you will want a major tank protecting you from now on. They aren’t fun and I am just looking out for my own safety so bite me (kidding! I love you even if you hate my love of the Escalade).

Yours in shameless entrepreneurship,

Maren Kate