Innovate or DIE!

Yep, it is that serious. I mean think about it, if you don’t innovate in your business or start up you will die eventually, probably a slow, tedious death as your profit margins shrivel into oblivion and your competitors wipe the floor with your pride. Sounds grim doesn’t it? But there is a solution, one that is amazing, unique and totally free! It’s called innovation and it is the number 1 thing entrepreneur’s must do to ensure their business is a success.

Innovation vs. Evolution

We all evolve, it is clear to see that people grow and adapt, as do animals, fishies and just about everything in existence. But as a business you don’t want to ‘evolve’ with the market you want to ‘lead’ with an innovation that will trickle down into evolution for all the non-innovators years later.

Think about the internet now vs. the internet 10 years ago, or social media today vs. where it was 2 years ago. What used to be “crazy” innovations have turned into something you must be involved with to survive. Though this is how most businesses are run, adapting at the last possible second so they can hang on to their stubborn old ideas longer, this is not how you want to be. You want to be flexible, to be creative, to be young and fresh at any age and with any product.

Innovation draws like minds i.e. forms a ‘tribe’

Have you ever read Seth Godin’s book Tribes if you haven’t do and while you are at it just read all of his books. They, to me, are the equivalent or better of the MBA I never got. Innovation is what few do and many flock to. Look at the great innovators of our time? Few people created social platforms in the beginning, but millions use them. Few people know how to build a MAC but legions love them. Few people understand how 4G wireless works but everyone wants a faster connection.

So the great part about innovation is this: only a few are doing it and lots of people get psyched by those few. What’s the catch? Well, you have to DO something… I know cry babies, what a tough life you have, having to actually act before everything turns out your way. Know what I am doing right now? I’m writing, inside a Bucks (shorthand for Starbucks) while its lovely outside and everyone else is sitting in the sun. I’m staying pasty white because I have to be on top of the businesses I’m growing and make sure I am producing some kind of value on this blog.

I am innovating every day, I have 3 business ideas I’m actively working on but I won’t move forward until I find a way to beat the competition through pure innovation. The reason some of you read this probably is because you are like minds, you also love innovation and being market leaders – thus my focus on passion, action and innovation draws members of the tribe I belong to towards me and vice versa.

Innovation + Passion + Action | The Keys for Unbridled Success

Are you ready for super success? Not just the run in the mill I started a law office and its going ok type? Me too! I am dedicated to three simple rules that govern anything I do… mix these three gems together and you have the next Twitter, the next NetFlix or the next Zappos… Write this down and tattoo it on your heart…

Find your passion first, innovate where your competition has stuck to the status quo and throw in all sorts of action to see your dream into reality. Honestly, this leads to amazing things.