I Refuse

**This post was originally written just for my mailing list, but I had such an overwhelming positive response to it I decided I needed to share it with the “world” at large through a blog post. If this seems like it is speaking straight at you or you have additional words of wisdom to add please do so at the end.

I had a particularly frustrating last few days and the nagging harpy of self doubt was starting to whisper into my ear. So I decided that instead of entertaining those fears, those doubts and those nagging questions about my own capabilities as a person I’d just refuse…

And it worked AMAZINGLY!

So I quickly scribbled down every way I could refuse that would help me grow a person, embrace my dreams and banish the self doubt that tries to derail all extraordinary plans. I wanted to share them with you in hopes that they’ll encourage you to also shoot down your doubt and negative self talk and instead only pay attention to the positive goals and actions that will get you where you want to be.


1. I refuse to listen to my doubts, my fears and any negative self talk that goes on in my head.
2. I refuse to worry about the future and instead I will only focus on actively influencing my present.
3. I refuse to not give myself the fighting chance I deserve to do anything and everything I want to in life.
4. I refuse to accept failure as a permanent state and instead only choose to see it as a learning experience.
5. I refuse to entertain thoughts that don’t directly benefit myself, others or the greater good of the world at large.
6. I refuse to accept anything less than my wildest dreams coming true.
7. I refuse to acknowledge the limitations that most people think they have, no matter what the circumstances.

How I do this is when thoughts opposite of what I want in life come up I just simply tell them (sometimes even out loud) “I don’t care and I refuse to acknowledge you”. They’ll try a few more times but then after a while they’ll give up.

This is you training your brain to only bring in positive, goal affirming thoughts and ideas and it will help you exponentially if you really put it to work.

I refused… what can you refuse that will lead to greater success and happiness?