How to Reach Goal Accountability

Completing one little goal at a time is what builds skyscrapers and lean startups!

This is a Guest Post from Jaime Tardy at Eventual Millionaire. Jaime is a goal accountability coach and is giving away 3 months of her Goal Accountability coaching (one on one! a $441 value) to a lucky winner who tweets this post! It’s that easy to enter.

To quote Maren, “Self doubt, laziness and procrastination are sooo 2010.” We usually start out in January all motivated and pumped. You say, “Woo! I am ready for big changes this year!” Now the big question… Did you say that last year too? We are so excited in January. Then other things seem more important or self doubt steps in. When your goals start sliding downhill, what do you do? I work with small business owners and solopreneurs as a business coach, and I see it often. It seems to be a cycle. It might go something like this: January

  • Excitement. ”I have a huge goal. I’m not totally sure I can do it. Eek! But I want to ROCK IT. Bring it on!”
  • Motivation. Write a plan. Feel pretty good. Take a few steps down the road to a bigger and better year.
  • Self Doubt. Inner thoughts: Maybe that really isn’t the right goal. Maybe I’m just not ready yet. Who do I think I am? I’m not good enough.

Which leads to..

  • Procrastination and Laziness. Inner thoughts: I’ll get to it later. I think it’s more important to get this urgent email out soon. Maybe I should get my inbox to zero? I’ve been SO busy. I’m exhausted. I just need to crash and relax for awhile.


  • Renewed Commitment. *Find goals written down* “Oh yeah! I remember these.”
  • Self Doubt. Attempt again, make some progress. Obstacles rear their ugly heads.
  • Comfort. Go back to comfort zone. (Do not pass go, do not collect $200)


  • Realization. While it was a good year and you are doing ok, it wasn’t the massively amazing year you wanted it to be. Look forward to a new year!

Does this sound familiar? If this doesn’t happen to you congrats, because it’s incredibly common! It happens to all of us at some point. I think it’s part of the journey to an awesome life. There is one glaring problem with this scenario. Look back again. Did you see how little action was taken? Could you see how much thinking was done? What will separate 2010 from 2011?

You need to do something different. Goal Accountability for 2011 I’ve seen business owners make massive changes using these three things. These three things can be put in place at the start of the year. We all know we need them. It’s not a secret. Taking action and setting up a system now is your best bet to have an amazing 2011. Right Focus.

As an entrepreneur you are a massive idea generator and problem solver. You can go to bed at night thinking of a problem and wake up with five different solutions. This is an extremely valuable trait to have in business. It can help you push ahead of the competition. You can see new opportunities for growth. It is also a trait that can be a huge distraction. You can be really excited about a new idea or venture and it could be something to revolutionize things, or it could be a huge distraction that stifles your current business.


Before you can determine your right focus you need to determine your priorities. Check out the priorities worksheet here.

Then pick the top 3 things you want to focus on. I’d suggest choosing 2 business goals and 1 personal goal. You can always choose more if you complete these. Decide to do the actions associated with these each week no matter what. Let your email slide if you need to (or get a VA to pick up the slack!).

Right Support Self doubt doesn’t need to stop you if you have the right support. Since most entrepreneurs are paving an unconventional way, there will be some self doubt. The right kind of support can help you accept that self doubt and keep moving anyway. Owning your own business has a ridiculous amount of ups and downs. The ups are amazing and great, but you need someone to remind you of the top of the mountain when you feel like you are at the bottom. You need someone that you can complain to; someone you can unload your fears and self doubt without them thinking less of you, or having it hurt your relationship.


Find another entrepreneur or coach that can really understand what you are going through. They can support you when things are sucky and can make your remember the crazy motivation you had last week. Just make sure that they are strong enough to handle the role!

Right Accountability Procrastination and laziness doesn’t happen with the right accountability. Accountability is a very unsexy word. You might associate it with words like blame, responsibility and guilt. At the very best it doesn’t sound fun. But it is one of the keys that will really make you successful in 2011. What matter in 2011 are the week by week actions you are taking that are based only on your goals- the small movements in progress which create huge success. Do you remember when you were in high school? Think about your favorite class. Did you ever have homework in that class that you didn’t want to do? Even in a class you LOVED there were things you didn’t feel motivated to do. What made you do it? Two things: a deadline and consequences if you didn’t do it. When you own your own business, you can’t always see the forest for the trees. No one can be on top of everything every single day. I know I can’t! Someone on the outside looking in can give you a new perspective.


Set aside time to plan your week. Ask your support person to meet quickly each week to hold you accountable. Tell them what worked and what didn’t in the past week and how you can do better in the coming one.

Tell them your top priorities for the week and make sure they hold you accountable to get them done.

There is more to an amazing business than just these three things, but it’s these three things that will create movement for you in 2011. Do more, be more and have an amazing 2011!

Goal Accountability Explained from Jaime Tardy on Vimeo.


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