Escape the 9 to 5 | Top Reads for any Escapee

I think I may make this section a semi-regular part of my blog, maybe on Friday when I am feeling lazy. I’m going to outline the top blog posts I’ve read this week that will encourage, inspire and most importantly help you escape the 9 to 5 for good. Oh yeah, and these posts are GOOD, I’ve read all of them myself and out of the hundreds of things I read all week they stand out as the brightest. At the end I am putting in my top tips for the week as well where you can find a bunch of useful tools, tricks and tips for any entrepreneur or blogger.

If I Were to Start All Over Again | – If you are just starting out on your journey of escaping the 9 to 5 this post is a must read, it is by a blogger who’s been at it for 12 years! He breaks down exactly what he’d do if he was to start over again, and considering all the knowledge he comes to the table with I’d sit up and listen, I sure did!

Top Ten Virtual Assistant Tips | – If you use virtual assistants like me this video will be very useful, also if you love the beach you’ll be green with envy of where Chris is filming from… If living a virtual lifestyle partying in Boracay is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Your Only Successful Because | – For those of you who have reached some level of success this is a great read, Erin talks about how often when you do something out of the box people will criticize you and comment on how you are either only successful because of *blank* or aren’t successful because of *blank*. Point being, don’t listen, keep rocking and blow them away with your awesomeness.

20 Things Every Internet Entrepreneur Should Own | – This is pretty much just an epically amazing list of things you can’t live without as an internet entrepreneur, blogger or virtual business person. Warning: You will want to spend money after reading this!

Top Tips:

AwayFind – A great tool for the busy blogger, or business person. You can stay away from your inbox without still missing anything truly urgent 🙂 Check this tool out you’ll be glad you did

Jott – I get my best ideas while on the run, but it is often hard to “jott” down stuff… enter Jott! this service allows you to speak a short note into your phone, then it automatically changes it into text and emails the note to yourself! No more forgetting and no messy sticky notes!