Entrepreneur Blogs: 17 Radical Reads for Entrepreneurs

Ever feel yourself thirsting for a little knowledge, want a head start or a push in the right direction? Well here are 21 entrepreneur blogs that will get you all fired up to get up and get out there! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, heck you may even stumble upon your million dollar baby reading through these time tested jewels!

  1. Project Mojave Blog odd name, amazing story behind it and a guy that is truly taking the world by storm through his entrepreneurial grit. If you want to make money via internet business (the non scuzzy way) this is for you!
  2. Dumb Little Man reading this blog will make you smart, it teaches you tips on how to save money, be more productive and get things done.
  3. Think Traffic a great place to go for information on getting more readers to your blog and developing the content to make them stay for a while.
  4. The Middle Finger Project how else can I explain it? It’s a blog called the middle finger project?! If you love sticking it to the man and hate the status quo the clever writing done at MFP will get you motivated to leave your boring life in the dust and start a new, exciting journey!
  5. Ramped Up Blogging a great place to read about true pro blogging that isn’t copyblogger or problogger, I mean those are great, but it is time to give some others a voice and Robb Sutton does an amazing job at that.
  6. Virtual Business Lifestyle for those of you who are sick of being stuck behind desks and in cubicles, this blog teaches you all about outsourcing and how to become a virtual business magnate!
  7. Young Entrepreneur Blog every time I read something  from 16 year old Ben Lang I get a kick in the pants to get out there and get moving – if learning tons of stuff you should be doing for  your business from a teenager doesn’t jump start your engines I don’t know what will!
  8. Income Diary is truly like reading through the secret journals of a mega successful internet business entrepreneur, check it out you’ll be glad you did!
  9. Quick Sprout since I just interviewed Neil Patel (for an upcoming piece on this blog) I figured no time is better than to highlight his awesome site. He is a serial entrepreneur who is involved with businesses like Crazy Egg and shares his wisdoms freely at quicksprout.com.
  10. Dragos Roua that’s his name & his game is providing amazing content for entrepreneur’s to make us all brilliantly better.
  11. Untemplater a great multi author site that helps entrepreneurs and forward thinkers everywhere shatter the ‘template’ life and do things differently!
  12. Johnny B Truant a great source of laughter and amazing internet business advice, Johnny’s blog is taking the internet by storm and helping you make money all at the same time!
  13. Upgrade Reality a little diversion from all the biz talk, this blog written by Diggy is an amazing journey through personal development… with a fun twist, the writing within will encourage and inspire you!
  14. Become a Young Successful Entrepreneur written by one in fact! This great entrepreneur blog is perfect for those of you who want to get involved with start ups and are uber motivated. Jun’s writing style is amazing and his advice is solid.
  15. Social Triggers it’s like Freud meets ProBlogger! This site is a great way of learning how to get more out of  your internet business WHILE learning a lot of psychological triggers for why people do what they do.
  16. Exile Lifestyle for the travel happy among us, this blog will make you sell your house to see the world! Colin blogs about life, entrepreneurship and travel in the style of a true storyteller.
  17. Mixergy to me this site is like entrepreneurial crack, it is SOO good. All interviews, all the time, seriously like one a day! And the interviews are from entrepreneurs who have been there done that and made millions! Start listening and you’ll never stop, that is why Mixergy is one of my top blogs of all time!
  18. Smart Passive Income join Pat on his journey through supporting a family ALL on passive income online, he is incredibly transparent and more than willing to help – making Pat’s blog the perfect place to learn how to make passive income online without the B.S.
  19. Viper Chill the name belies the pure awesomeness of this online marketing blog, last but certainly not least is Viper Chill a literal work of art in the internet business community – if you can only read one blog on online marketing make it this one!