Are you Part of the 17 Percent?

I love Kurt Vonnegut, granted our political, religious and sociological views different massively. But he was an amazing, inspiring writer whom wrote a treasure trove of classics. The other day I was rereading Time Quake and a sentence out of that book stuck with me…  Vonnegut writes that him and a friend decided that “only 17% of people in the world have lives worth living”. Now many people disagree with him, as do I to some extent (like I believe almost all people have some kernel of worthwhile in them – sans predators, perverts and sadists), but the power of the statement shook me to my core. After I read that I continually asked myself “Am I part of the 17%”? It is a sobering concept to think about, because you can have all the riches in the world and still be worthless as a person. In the same breath you can be desperately poor while being an angel among men.

So today I encourage you to look at your life, your dreams and your entrepreneurial path and ask yourself if you are part of the 17 or part of the 83?

Here is how I do it:

  • Is my business giving back anything?
  • Is my life giving back anything to others?
  • Do I bring happiness to others or sorrow?
  • How can I become more like the 17% and less like the 83?

Answer these questions honestly and you will find yourself striving for more. More freedom to do what you like, more inspiration to help others and more gumption to lead an extraordinary life as opposed to just a run in the mill “existence”. I also focus on my blog trying to be part of the 17% of blogs in the world that are worthwhile vs. the 83% that are just make money online get rick quick scheme jargon. I believe in getting rich quickly, but the problem is their is a BIG word missing… the saying should read: You can get rich quick, but it will be very HARD & you must be VERY CREATIVE.

Alright, that is my short rant for the day, stay tuned I have two AWESOME cewebrity interviews coming up this week that you won’t want to miss, they’ll inspire the pants of you… literally, you’ll be pantless.