A Healthy Entrepreneur = A Happy Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur who spends all her time staring at a MAC it is easy to get sloth-butt, this is my unattractive term for sitting to long and being a lazy pile of a person. But even when you are in the midst of a start up or fighting for your small businesses survival in tough times you have got to remember that one of the key parts of escaping the 9 to 5 is not having to be STUCK at a desk all day. Remember…

A health entrepreneur = a happy entrepreneur

So how can you get healthy fast? Well you can’t but you can start making changes in your daily life that will bring your body back into balance and help keep your mind sharp as you build your business and live the entrepreneurial dream.

The healthy entrepreneur regimen

  1. No snack foods! They are crap, full of dyes and do absolutely nothing for you. Sugar and saturated fat will rot your brain and destroy your entrepreneurial edge. Try eating fruit, nuts and other healthier snackies whilst you toil away building your empire.
  2. Go to the gym 3 times a week…. fatty. Sorry to call you fat, you may be, you may not be… but I find that a little negative reinforcement does wonders to my exercise regimen (not necessarily my self esteem though). But in reality, make yourself go to the gym, or do exercises at home at least 3 times during the week. That is LESS than half so don’t start bitching yet. I find a little running, some leg exercises and arm exercises help me. Now that bikini season is a few months away I am going to be hitting the ab machines because I am determined to be the ONLY entrepreneur with a freakin’ six pack at the beach this year!
  3. Exercise your mind. I try and read a non fiction and a fictional book every month, usually I end up reading like 5 business books and no fiction but the balance is important. I also write, it is extremely cathartic and I find stimulates my creativity in other areas like my business. Working out the main brain can also be as easy as engaging a smart person in conversation (a feat harder than you’d think in Vegas) or listening to a podcast, or heck, even writing a blog post.
  4. Have some fun, son. It is important to keep a socially balanced life when you are in the throws of starting up a business, building your little empire or escaping the 9 to 5. Often times it is hard to schedule enough time for family, friends and relationships when you find yourself working 10+ hours a day but try your best because the moments you lose with loved ones are the onesĀ  you’ll regret the most even if you are rich and famous.
  5. Get some sun. Yep, easy as that, the sun has great effects on your body in moderation. It will help stimulate your brain, keep you from getting scurvy (ick) and give you that lovely summertime glow.

T is for Travel

It is also for tuna, tina turner and tootsie rolls but that is besides the point. I travel A LOT, like practically all the time. Even if it is just a weekend jaunt across state lines or a trip to the mountains/beach/desert I think traveling helps open the mind, clear the conscious and unwind when you are living the hectic life of a start up entrepreneur. If you design your business to be mobile, like me, you can really work from anywhere. I find the new coffee shop I work in inspiring and often meet amazing people who are also escaping the 9 to 5 during my travels. So pack up the kiddies (or just yourself) and hop in the car/tram/airplane.

Action step: What is your entrepreneurial exercise routine? Any tips to be more happy, healthy and productive as we all strive to escape the 9 to 5?